To identify Hettich door hinges used on many built in or integrated fridges, freezers and fridge freezers there are some key pieces of information that you need to give us to help and, doing so can help us to help you save a LOT of money on these.


If you've been looking at the usual suspects of HINGEKIT3 and HINGEKIT4 you will see mention of the tabs, here we explaine what those are and why they may or may not matter to you.

To show you, viewed from the top the tab is highlighted in red and the same exact hinge without it to the left here:

From the front you see it like this, again highlighted with red:

This tab is used to secure the hinge and by extension the cabinet of the appliance to the adjacent kitchen unit, it serves no other purpose.

If your appliance is not secured to the kitchen unit, you don't need it and don't need to worry about it.

Hinge Height

This is an important one on many cabinets as the Hettich hinges are supplied in two or more heights as it were, 41.5 and 45.

We'll show you what we mean as best we can but please do note that the difference is slight but, fit the wrong size and the door will not close correctly.

See, only a few millimetres of difference but, world's apart and not interchangeable at all.

What Info We Need

To identify the correct hinges you need we need some key information as having that allows us to identify alternates and we've seen people save from £20 to over £100 on a set of hinges so, it's well worth your time and trouble doing this.

If you can get us the model number and so on from the rating plate inside the unit, that can save a heap of time and hassle so, that's the first and easiest option. The more you give us on that score, the better and faster we can help you.

First is the height of the hinge, this is on the inside flat where the hinge meets the main body of the appliance shown below:

Next is the one most people think is the nirvana and identifies the hinge but it doesn't quite as we can't see the height which is this one:

That is of use sometimes but, not always.

And then there's this one as well:

Of them all, to begin with, the height is the single most important one and, to get that, you need to take a hinge off the unit, there's no other way apart from using the model number and product codes or service numbers to know which is which visually.

But give us this information and we're almost sure to be able to find the hinges you need and more than likely save you money in the process.