A ticket is simply shorthand for a naming convention, the full title of it is a “support ticket”. This is common with modern online help and support systems.

What it does is allow all the communications on one topic (the ticket) to be grouped together so that we and you can see and follow the whole conversation in one place. In turn this makes how quickly and efficiently we can deal with your requirements far better.

Whenever you send us an enquiry through email, your account page on the store, an online form or directly from this portal a “ticket” is created so that your query can be tracked and multiple members of staff (if required) can view, work on and respond to your enquiry.

Tickets can also be transferred internally to the best person to deal with it, for example, an expert in a particular brand or area can be assigned your ticket to ensure you get the best person dealing with your enquiry.

Using our system this way allows us to deliver the best possible service to you.