I want to use site to advertise for agents how do I do that?

This is pretty easy actually, but in order to protect your interests we would rather that this is done with anonymity.

This is done in exactly the same manner for a work provider (manufacturer/insurer) as it would be for a private individual or a service agent, we respect the privacy of all parties at UK Whitegoods.

If you email site admin you can get advice on how this is achieved.

I want to use site to advertise for agents how do I do that?

We have had to draw a halt to allowing adverts for employed engineers by national companies and agencies due to those advertisements being viewed as spam by our core forum membership. They are also not happy when their employees are effectively being "poached" by large companies.

I want to advertise products on your site how do i do this?

Please contact site admin

Can I use your mailing list?

No! All the users identities and details are kept strictly under lock and key and they will not be released to any third party under any circumstances. UK whitegoods recognises and respects the individuals right to privacy at all times.

However, should you wish, you are more than welcome to post a story on the topic you wish to or to make use of the forums facility. Alternatively you can contact site admin and they can also post a message or story on your behalf to protect your identity.

Can I use your forums for my agents?

Yes, by all means please that is one of the reasons that they are there and this service is provided free unless the bandwidth usage is excessive, in which case we may ask for a donation towards that cost to ensure the smooth running of the site. This would be a nominal fee and at cost.

There is, in the forums, a section called "Special Forums" this is used by such groups to communicate and exchange information. Groups in this category can be made private very easily so only the members you select will have access to those areas. Moderation rights are also handed to the group founder.

Please email site admin if you require any help or assistance with this further

Can I use the whitegoods group to do work in the UK?

Essentially yes, but please email your request to site admin for the reasons stated in previous questions.

Does the whitegoods site administer calls and undertake call handling?

We do not although it is not the main function of UKW and we can also recommend several firms that can do this for you, please contact site admin

Does UK whitegoods sell spares?

Yes, we have an on-line store that sells any available spare parts and accessories.

I need an agent in a specific area to carry out a repair/s can you help find one?

Yes, we can, please ask in the forums area or alternatively contact site admin who can assist you further.

Can I post a press release?

Yes, please feel free to contact site admin to arrange that