Do you charge for the use of the engineer search?

Short answer for the public and independent repairers is no and we never will. 

How do I get my business listed on your appliance engineer search?

Easy, simply read this article to find out all about it.

Are there any costs in listing my business on the search?


There is no charge for listing your business on the search but you do have to provide the required information and agree to abide by the terms.

I see my business listed but I don't show up on the search, why?

When someone searches to get an appliance repaired it is searched on the criteria entered and takes account of the postcode used, the appliance type (washing machine, dishwasher etc.) and the brand. All three have to match the search or you will not be displayed as a result.

For example, if you do not repair gas cookers then you would not show for any gas cooker repair.

If you do not repair Hotpoint appliances then you would not appear for any Hotpoint enquiries.

If the search is a postcode that isn't allocated to your account, again you will not appear.

My company appears on the map but I don't know how it got there, why?

We log appliance repair companies details on our database from any number of sources and keep a note of their existence however this does not mean that we know any more about your business than is already widely available in the public domain.

Being shown on the map but not having applied also does mean that you will not appear in any search results or have your business promoted to corporate clients as, without knowledge of what appliances you repair and which postal areas you cover at least then we are unable to present your business to clients.

We also require that any company listed in the search results meets a minimum standard that must be agreed to and you must provide the supporting documentation as well. Again, without this you will not appear in any search results.

Can I edit or update my details?

Yes, if you have an account linked to your forum user account this is easy to do. You are able to alter many details about your account except for the postcode areas you cover and the company name, both of which must be altered by site admin.

If you do not have access in this way please contact site admin who will assist.

How can I remove my details from your database?

Simply make the request to site admin who will arrange for the details to be deleted and a note kept not to relist the business.

Can list my business at multiple locations or branches?

Strictly speaking only one entry is allowed per business, we would suggest the primary location as the postcode coverage that you give us should show you as a result and we do, wherever possible, like to show only one result per company. To do otherwise can cause confusion and look like spam.

Where we find multiple addresses being used leading to the same numbers why will remove duplicates and, in extreme cases where we think that it could mislead customers, we can ban the business from being listed. Many businesses do this to try to appear as if they operate multiple offices, in multiple locations or both. We feel that this is a misleading practice and we do not condone or allow it.

Does my address have to be displayed?


Any reputable business, even a home based one, should have no problem with that.

Why do I have to have public liability insurance?

Because any responsible business should have liability insurance.

You have a responsibility to protect customers and, even although the chances of things going wrong are remote, it is important that you are covered for any eventuality and so are your customers.