Obviously at some point in time most spare parts become obsolete as production ceases due to lack of demand or, the maker of the component ceases trading and so on. There can be any number of reasons for obsolescence.

We would kindly ask that you keep in mind that we, UK Whitegoods, are only a reseller and we do not make parts obsolete. There is little that we can do if parts are no longer available other than suggest alternatives if that is possible.

For the legal position and a lot more information about spare parts not being available please see this article: Spare Parts Availability & The Law

What Can You Do?

In most cases, especially where it is cosmetic parts, very little we're afraid as all too often you will not obtain a spare part in such circumstances.

Spare parts are almost universally ordered to be found by make, model number, serial number or production code and then identifying the part required. Where a spare part is listed as being "obsolete" it means that there is no availability of that part and there is no alternative listed.

With cosmetic parts, such as glass panels, fascias, trims and the like there will, in almost every case, be no alternative available and little chance of obtaining the exact part you require.

There is slightly more chance, sometimes, with functional spare parts, such as switches, pumps and the likes unless it was unique to a particular manufacturer or appliance.

Where a part is unique to the brand or product then in most cases nobody will be able to help you.