We are very often asked to find a part using the size of the one that is required.

Sadly, in almost all cases, it is not possible to locate parts using the size of the old one or, the dimensions of where it came from.

What we don't want to do is supply you a part that doesn't fit. It's hassle for you, hassle for us and nobody wins so we will always try to identify a spare part with 100% accuracy wherever possible and, if we can't be more or less absolutely sure the part will fit we will advise you accordingly.

Like cars and many other products involving many components that can alter from one iteration to another all parts will almost always have to be located by using the make or brand, then the model number and increasingly the serial or product codes as well.

All too often this information is absolutely key to finding the correct spare part that will fit your appliance.

Spare parts is a very precise art with little or no room for error.

Guessing, using images alone or size info where you do find it can all too often prove to get the wrong part and can be a costly error to make.

Why Sizes Are Not Used

For some parts the differences may be only slight and for others the mould or fitting can be completely different meaning that all too often, even if the sizes are roughly the same, that the parts are not interchangeable and will not fit.

What all this means is that for the vast majority of spare parts there is no such thing as standard or standard sizes.

From manufacturers, under normal circumstances, no measurements are given whatsoever. All we will get is a part number, a brief description and perhaps a little more information about any spare part, almost never the dimensions.

This is because, a spare part is looked up by and intended to fit a specific model or production. It is not intended to be used on any others according to the manufacturers.

Sizes, where they are given, tend to be much like images when it comes to spare parts in that, you can use them as a rough guide to confirm the general specifications that you need (often used for shelves and drawers to highlight the position they fit) but we would advise against relying on these to be 100% accurate to the millimetre or that they will indicate suitability for models that the part was not intended to fit.

Given that and the lack of dimensions from manufacturers, it isn't often possible, even remotely, to search for spare parts using measurement or size information.

When looking for spare parts we would strongly advise that you resist the temptation to think that parts may be all the same or, will fit because the size is the same or similar because, most of the time they won't.