Spare parts identification and lookup is a very precise business. It is very easy to get it wrong so if you're a little unsure or just need some guidance please read through the following that will help you but, as is stated below a number of times, if you don't know or are even slightly unsure, please ask us for help. That's what we're here for.

You will see here over and over as well as all over the site to ask for help because...

Spare Parts Are Often Not Easy

Variations on models, serial numbers, product codes, service numbers to a part number with many parts looking the same as, they're all about the same sizes, wattages, and more... it's often not easy to determine which one you need from the scores of choices.

There are millions of parts, they are not all interchangeable and any one that people will often think "that looks like it" can be wrong. If you're on that path, please stop and ask us for help as the last thing we want is you ordering up the wrong thing and having the cost and hassle of returning it, if you can as many special custom ordered parts cannot be returned.

The best bet is to put in research up front, get the right thing and save a heap of hassle later on. For everyone.

This means our standing advice is, if there's even a sliver of doubt, ask first, order after you get that advice.

Finding Spare Parts Yourself

To use the site to find spare parts is very simple.

The easiest and fastest way to find parts is to, first of all, locate the model number of the appliance that you are looking for a spare part for. Simply type that model number into the search box and all spares identified as being used on that appliance will be shown. This will not work for all makes, Liebherr being one but it will for most.

This search may not show all the spares used on your machine as some may not yet have been identified or there may be variants of the parts you are looking for.

If you are unsure or are having difficulty in identifying a part please contact us by email (, raise a ticket here or even use the live chat feature and we will identify the part you need for you.

Finding the correct spare part can often be difficult as there are tens of thousands of spares available, most of the commonly used ones you will find here but there are many thousands more that we can easily supply. If you cannot find or identify the part you require simply send us an email and we will find it if it is available.

Easier Way To Get Parts If You're Not Sure

If you're not sure of the parts you need to order or, cannot determine the correct ones the fastest way to deal with it is to let us do the work for you.

The best way in this modern age to do that is to find the rating plate on your appliance, take a picture of that and email it to us with the part/s that you need. We will work out what the part/s are on the particular machine you have and, that also means the chances of any errors are virtually zero.

This is especially helpful at times as, like cars and many other products, even model numbers are sometimes not enough and production codes, serial numbers and more are required to identify spare parts correctly.

Please Do Not Order Solely From Images

Spare parts change all the time part numbers, suppliers, colours and even configurations can all change often completely at random making ordering by make and models number often absolutely essential. However, often even the serial or production numbers are required as well, just like VIN numbers for cars.

Images, while very useful much of the time, can occasionally cause confusion when it comes to spare parts.

Even sizes, that are very rarely given by manufacturers, are used where they are available for confirmation purposes only.

There are, from each brand, often many thousands of spare parts, in some cases tens of thousands of spares meaning that there's a lot to choose from and one heating element, drain pump, door shelf and so on often look very much like another to the untrained eye. It is very easy to go wrong when faced with such a staggering and bewildering choice.

We recommend that it is essential in many cases that you do not order spare parts based solely on a picture even if it may look like or similar the part that you are after.

Diagnosis Is Paramount

Please do take time to diagnose the fault correctly so that you know that the replacement spare part will solve the problem for you.

We give a huge amount of information on the website to help you do this and, you can seek more help in the forums from the engineers before you order a spare part.

Incorrect diagnosis is a problem in many ways as, if you fail to get to the actual cause then even a spare part that you do replace may fail immediately after fitting or very shortly after fitting if there is an underlying cause that is not resolved first.

For more help with diagnosing faults on domestic appliances please see this self-help section of UK Whitegoods and for even more on specific spare parts, please see this section all about spare parts, how they work and how to diagnose faults.

If You Are Unsure, Please Ask Us

If you have any doubts at all we really encourage you to email us or use the contact feature to ask us if you are correct.

We would rather spend the time checking for you than trying to sort out an incorrect part afterwards it saves you time and hassle ensuring you get the correct spare part virtually every single time.

And, the more information you can give us, model number, service numbers and so on, the faster and more accurately we will be able to help you find what you need.

We prefer to ensure that you get the right parts, the first time.