On older Rangemaster models, the 110 range especially, you will often find that the energy regulator or control switch for the grill is an older green and black coloured, squarish type Diamond H control. These have been discontinued and are no longer available and should be replaced with a newer EGO type that requires some modification to the wiring in order to be fitted successfully.

The instructions on how to do this are as follows:

Connect the wire that was on the Pilot connection on the Diamond H regulator to S2 on the new Ego regulator.

You then need to link P1 to S1 with a short link wire (also usually enclosed but not always) 

4 and P2 should also be linked. 

P1 = Brown live feed 

P2 = Blue neutral 

4 = Blue neutral +wire link to P2 

2 = Load A red 

2A = Load B violet 

S2 = Pilot neon red 

S1 Link to P1

Where no link wire is provided you will have to make one up with a bit if suitable wire and two amp tags.

If you are not comfortable with carrying out a modification such as this we strongly recommend that you use the engineer search to find a local repairer to do this conversion for you.