Rangemaster spare parts can be confusing to find as there are many variations on any model or range of cookers especially.

Commonly we will get asked for, as an example, a part for a Rangemaster 110 cooker but, there are scores of variations on that, few will be the same for cosmetic parts but thankfully there is much commonality in functional parts. Not always, but a lot.

To be as accurate as possible you can find the model and serial number information as per Rangemaster like this:

All Rangemaster range cookers have the silver serial number data badge in 3 locations:

User & Installation Guide (on the front cover)

Front of the cooker 

Back of the cooker (on the back of the top left hand side)

The serial number is located on the frame of the main left-hand oven at the base near the plinth. For earlier specification 110cm models, remove the storage drawer and the silver data badge will be located on the front right upright of the cooker framework.