Please note that virtually all spare parts for the old Rosieres 2040 range cooker models are now obsolete.

At the time of writing a mere two or three spare parts were still available at best but common items such as burner caps, elements, door hinges and most everything else that are often required can no longer be obtained and there are no alternatives that can be used.

People have asked us from all over the world, Europe, the USA, New Zealand and Australia and more and we're afraid that the answer is the same all over, there are no spare parts available whatsoever now other than any we may still have listed on the website. If it isn't there, we cannot get it nor can we offer any alternatives you could use.

Often people from outside the UK have already exhausted all efforts and routes to source parts in the country that they live in.

Keep in mind though that these cookers are now over twenty five years old so, non-availability of spare parts is not surprising and they have been available for a lot longer than most have.

Should you choose to try to "adapt" parts from other makes or models to fit this is entirely at your own risk.

Many of the later models of 4040 are starting to follow suit now with many spare parts becoming obsolete and, again, where this is the case there are no alternative spare parts that can be used in their place.