We specialise in supplying Smeg spare parts and can find any Smeg spare part so long as it is still available. And, we can often supply Smeg spares cheaper than you will find them anywhere else.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the site, the chances are that it's a part that has very little or no use to date. It does not mean that we do not stock it or cannot get it for you and, as ever, it's almost always worth asking us for advice and we'd rather you did if you're even a little unsure.

In order to find Smeg spare parts correctly the first key ingredient is the model number which is more or less essential for virtually all spare parts but, like almost all, increasingly the product code or serial number can also be needed, this isn't hugely common with Smeg but, it can happen.

This video quickly shows the process for finding a Smeg spare part:

If you see multiple versions of a part being used on the same model number then there will be multiple variants and if you are not sure the best thing to do is find the rating plate, take a photo or all the information from it and send us that. We will then work out what part it is that you need for that particular Smeg product.

Doing it that way, while it takes a little bit longer up front, is a lot less time consuming and hassle than getting the wrong spare part for your Smeg. we are only too happy to help you this way.

Do watch on cookers and others as you will get the like of an SUK61MFX for example, but there can be multiple variants that will have a digit after that, making it SUK61MFX5 and so on. These can be completely different internally and only have some shared components.

Below are some examples of Smeg rating plates to show what you are looking for.