The LAM3200 built in electric oven from Lamona is sold in two completely different versions.

One is made by Candy Hoover and the other by a facility in Thailand that we believe is also either used by or owned by Samsung. Quite how this happened we do not know.

What we do know is that the spare parts have no similarity between the two productions, there is not a single shared component and they are not interchangeable in any way whatsoever.

This means you must look for the rating plate and see which version it is that you own, this is vital before ordering any spare parts.

Both ovens look almost identical, you cannot tell visually which one is which, the only way to be sure is to locate the rating plate which is inside the oven door on the lip of the oven carcass that the door shuts to.

If it’s the Thailand produced version that you have then support is sadly extremely limited.

The Candy Hoover version is very well supported and you can find many spare parts on our store for this oven.