White Westinghouse is a brand name that, so far as we know, is owned by Electrolux but "leased" out to different companies around the world.

This means that Westinghouse in the USA is not the same (or even similar) to Westinghouse in Europe or Australia and so on. In fact, they are not even operated by the same company so, you need to source spare parts from the country of origin, there is no alternative in almost every case.

For the UK anything older than about the year 2000 is imported and spares are obsolete completely now. You may be able to source parts from the USA but it is a risk on whether or not they will be suitable or not but we cannot do this for you sadly.

After this it was a brand operated by Premium Appliance Brands Limited until they folded around 2008.

Many functional spares such as heating elements, thermostats and the likes are still available but many cosmetic items such as control panels, doors and such are obsolete. But, it can be worth asking before you write the machine off as a lost cause.

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