Like most manufacturers these days Beko have also often got multiple variations of many models that will have different features and functions meaning that some spare parts will not be common to all. For many functional spare parts, especially the likes of fan motors, thermostats, elements and so forth there often won't be any difference but we do like to be sure on many. As ever the advice being, if you're not sure then please ask as we'd much rather you did that than get the wrong parts.

Beko Rating Plates

To get the information you need the best bet is to locate the rating plate as all that you will need is there. It's best not to rely on instruction manuals as they will often be generic and apply to many variants or even models.

In any event the rating plate will look like this:

As you can see, it's an easy enough one to understand.

Some of the places that these plates can be found are as follows.