Both Diplomat and Hygena were a brand name owned by MFI that are now defunct other than the Hygena brand being recycled on some new kitchen products for Argos so far as we are aware.

MFI did not actually make any appliances at all. All they did is have appliances made specially for them to meet the requirements of themselves and their customers.

We know more about Diplomat and Hygena spare parts than many in the industry, if not most as we've been dealing with these products for over a decade to the public online with UK Whitegoods but, even before that, we had a vast experience of service and support spanning back twenty years or more. In short, we know this Diplomat and Hygena products incredibly well.

To get spare parts for these machines the first thing that you need to do is to locate the rating plate of the appliance.

Do not trust the instruction handbooks as they are often generic and sometimes will not relate to the exact model you have!

Once you have that, send us that information if you struggle to find the part that you need on the store and we will locate it for you.

To do that simply pop your model number into the search box and hit "search" which will bring up all the results that we've tagged as fitting that model.

Do not take chances on ordering spares because it looks the same as a lot of Diplomat and Hygena spare parts do look very similar and yet are completely different as well as not interchangeable. A classic example of this is control knobs for ovens and hobs, they are all often the same or a similar style but are very different.

If you're not sure, as ever, please get in touch and we will help you sort out what it is you need.

Model Number Format

Model numbers for both brands will normally follow the format of ADP***, AHY**** and so on where the "*" is a digit or numeral. You will find that manuals will often have the likes of "AHY45**" leaving the last digits missing, because the manuals are generic.

Often, you will need the full model number from the rating plate, not just what's printed on the manual.

The likes of "Select 600" and so on is largely useless for identifying spare parts.