Delivery for Amica spares can take a little time as many parts have to come directly from one or on occasion factory in Poland and this does take at least a week normally.

Many listed Amica spare parts will show the default lead time for a factory order, this does not mean that it will take that long nor that there is no UK stock available. If you need to know whether the part will have to come from factory or not please contact us before ordering.


Please make allowance for 7-21 days minimum for delivery. Many if not most Amica orders will arrive within that timeframe but we cannot guarantee this as whilst we give an indication of delivery times these are variable and can alter.


If you have urgent need then please contact us and we will try to advice as best we can but, with factory orders from any manufacturer information is almost always extremely limited.


Please also keep in mind around holiday times that shipments may arrive slower than normal.


How the Ordering System Works


As with many factory orders, when you order a spare part for Amica, assuming that it is not a stock item with us in the UK, the order is raised and sent to Amica in Poland.


The order is built up with spare parts from each of the dispatch point in Poland.


Once complete or, as complete as possible, the order is packaged and shipped to ourselves in the UK.


The reason that we highlight this is because, where multiple parts are ordered it is not uncommon for some parts to arrive from one dispatch point and other parts to complete the order from another. This means that in many cases we must await both shipments to arrive before we can dispatch in the UK.


At this point, within 24-48 hours after the spare parts arrive with us the orders have been collated, packed and dispatched.


As soon as that happens you will receive an automated order update email letting you know that your order has dispatched, by what method it has been sent and with any tracking information if appropriate.