Primarily Bosch Group spare parts will be fitted to three main brands that are extremely well known they are; Bosch, Neff and Siemens.

In order to correctly identify spare parts used on any products you will need at least one key piece of information, the model number that sometimes is referred to as an ENR number.

A good example is this rating plate shown below, which also shows you the format the information will be in for virtually all Bosch Group products, it doesn't matter if they are Neff or Siemens, they all will generally follow the same format.

It is important to note that for many models there can be multiple variants, often with different features, functions and spare parts just as you get with cars so this information can be absolutely essential in to ensure that you get the correct spare parts that you require.


Dishwashers are probably the easiest to find, just open the door of your dishwasher and around the edge, typically as shown below, you will find the rating plate with all the information that will be required.

Washing Machine - Tumble Dryer - Washer Dryer

For washing machines, washer dryers and tumble dryers you can find the same information in the following locations in most instances.


For fridges, freezers and fridge freezers the rating plate will virtually always be found inside on the left hand inner wall. Where it is a fridge freezer, this will be in the fridge section and not the freezer.

For a freezer only the rating plate should be in the same position.

Built In Ovens, Hobs & Cookers

For built in hobs the rating plate is usually the hardest one of all to get to as it will be on the underside of the hob. This means that the drawer or often the built in oven below will have to be removed to access the plate to get the information. Sadly this is often absolutely essential in getting the correct spare parts and there is no other way in virtually all cases.

For built in ovens and cookers accessing the model and serial number information is far easier, you will find the rating plates as shown below in virtually all cases.