Information here relates to the following brands that are under the Electrolux Group.

  • AEG
  • Electrolux
  • Zanussi
  • Parkinson Cowan
  • Tricity Bendix
  • John Lewis (Most)
  • Ikea (Most from 2014 on)

There are more brands that Electrolux produce appliances for on a third party basis but we will advise you if the information shown here is required in individual cases as we see appliances for Lamona, Kuppersbusch, Prima and others on occasion being produced by Electrolux.


For each model number there are often many variants as the appliances are changed over time, much as is the case with cars where, although the model designation may stay the same, components can and do change as well as features and functions.

This makes it imperative in many cases that you order parts for precisely the variant that you have.

Depending on what product it is you can have anything from one variant to over forty. Very often guessing will not prove fruitful and we strongly recommend that you contact us and let us look up the correct parts for you to ensure you get exactly what you need for the exact machine that you have.

Model Identification

In order to do this we need some information from you that will be on your appliance.

The model number is sometimes enough to identify spares but, better yet and far more accurate is what is known as the product number or, PNC code. You can find this on the rating plate of the machine and it will look like this:

The number, as you can see is 11 digits long in total.

The first nine digits is the variant, the last two are the revision number within that.

The "Mod." above that is the model number in full. Very often you may see an abbreviated version of this on the facia panel and, like range names and so on you also see there like "Jetsystem", "Lyric", "Lavamat" and so on, these are largely useless when it comes to identifying spare parts.

In some cases, without this information it is not possible to identify spare parts for an appliance.